Our goal is to sonically respect your music and vision in the most quality and time efficient way. We understand the vinyl disc making process and we specialize in mastering for vinyl as well as commercial and independent digital releases. Our clientele is international and we love all styles especially material that is difficult to deal with.

This sound we offer can be described as warm but not muddy crisp and bright but not harsh or overly digitized. Balance is the key for us and we do our best to get the most out of your music.

Our greatest results have been  from audio tape mastered though our wonderful collection of rare vintage audio mastering modules, then into the digital realm. This is what we have found the greatest results in audio mastering still to this day. especially for vinyl releases.

Send us your track for a mastering sample!

Don’t get fooled by instant mastering software and companies claiming to instantly master your product. We are humans that care about your music. Send us your track and we are happy to do a 30 second test master for you by the next day free of charge.

Tracks must be submitted at the very least -6db minimum in volume and a minimum 44.1k 16 bit Wav or Aiff file format. Please do not send us MP3 versions. 

Turnaround Time:

Since not one single piece of audio is the same, turnaround times on full projects vary from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the difficulty of the material and work load. Contact us for a Quote.


Specializing in Contemporary Digital and Vintage Analogue Audio Mastering/Remastering/Archival Restoration. We use a wide range of Class A Analogue Audio Mastering Equipment including: Neumann, Telefunken, NTP, Siemens, Tab, EMT, K&H, Lawo, Ant, Filtek, BKE, BFE, Ortophon, and many others. For Contemporary Digital Mastering we offer all current Audio Mastering Plug Ins on our Pro Tools HD and Avid ProTools systems plus we also have a very rare and fully integrated vintage Sonic Solutions Mastering System.  

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Contact us for a quote! We give discounts and specials frequently so our customers are able to afford quality mastering at a reasonable price.

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